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You may notice your oven fan is not working properly, making loud noises or not spinning the way it should so what do you do?

Your oven fan problem

All major brands - There are two types of oven fan motors your oven has installed, the first that many people are aware of is your fan forced oven fan. This is a fan that comes on when you use the oven. There are two basic settings that can be used, some ovens will have additional features when using these settings. Some people prefer to cook using the conventional setting with the top and bottom elements opperating together and depending on what model oven you have some ovens will have a fan option in this setting called a fanforced seting. The fanforced setting is a common funtion that most oven brands and models have

The fan-forced setting is when the fan forced element and oven fan motor are switchrd on together when used. At times you will hear a loud noise or constant tapping when using this setting it could mean you will need to organize a service visit to maintain the oven fan and adjust the fan position to its original position.

It's a common problem when the oven fan makes noises, considering the amount of times they are used. Miner issues can be repaired on a cost effective budget. There are other times the oven fan motor will blow a fuse and cut off power to your oven completely This will be a good indication the oven fan motor will need to be replaced.

Fixed Price Oven Fan Kit Replacment
Oven Fan Replacement Costs

Replacing your oven fan motor is a job for the professionals, it can be very dangerous tying to disconnect wires, and cables when you have no experience and trying to remember what wires go were can be a nightmare. Replacing a fan motor is always best left to licensed electricians, at United Electrical we can safely remove your oven from its cavity and repair or replace the faulty part.

Many people ask if its expensive to repair or replace an oven motor, well no its not. Our cost effective prices will surprised you with out compromise to quality service. Because of the dangers involved with replacing oven fan motors it is highly recommended to call in a licensed trade with full public liability for accidental protection.

United electrical carry major oven fan parts so we can save you the hassle of trying to find part numbers and save you money from dishonest parts sales shops that will sell you anything just to make a quick buck. Let us provide you with a fixed price oven fan motor repair / replacement service today.

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